Sunday, February 24, 2013

Follow Me on a New Journey

It has been a long time.  Five months, and at times I have felt like I have abandoned this blog, and my readers as a result. I now know why I have wandered away from this space that has been such a  comfort for me over the last year.  I am moving on.  The enormity of this situation completely enveloped my being, and there were so many emotions and thoughts that I had to work through.  Writing is a natural way for me to do that, and this blog served that purpose better than I could have ever imagined.  Though I am far from healed, and though I still have setbacks from time to time, it is not healthy for me to dwell on something I cannot control.  Doing so simply brings me back to the pain, loss, and confusion that almost broke me.  Right now, I have so many positives in my life.  I am my dream job, a family that is indescribably strong and supportive, and lots of exciting things on the horizon.  I am moving on, and I invite you to come with me on my next journey.

One thing I've let fall by the wayside is my own health and fitness.  Two years ago I was probably at my best level of fitness ever.  I was at a healthy weight, I had strong, toned muscles, and I was running an awesome 5K.  When I fell apart, I stopped caring about that stuff.  I started eating too much that wasn't good for me and not making an effort to eat better.  And exercise, not happening.  Though I am still at a good weight, that is only one piece of the puzzle.  I am not eating right or getting my body moving, and I deserve better.  My doctor said so.  I am starting a new journey, in a new place, and I hope you will follow me on my Journey with Jen Hendershott.

I am not ready to let this space go quite yet.  Like an old, reliable friend, it'll still be here, even if we need some distance between us for now.